Imagine a New Generation of Alcohol Treatment

This new generation of alcohol treatment allows you to choose moderation or sobriety, doesn't require you to take time off work, and is proven to be significantly more effective than traditional alcohol treatment programs. With a success rate of 80%, it is nearly eight times more effective than traditional treatment. Based on 20 years of clinical research, this physician-designed and supervised program is the future of alcohol treatment. This is Alcohol Treatment 2.0.

Successful alcohol treatment no longer requires traditional alcohol rehab or alcohol detox. Instead, a controlled and gradual approach allows you to continue living your life while alcohol treatment occurs. Through just ten one-on-one sessions over the course of 120 days with both our physician and a masters-level therapist, you will take control of your alcohol use rather than it controlling you.

The Key to Taking Control of Your Drinking: Unlocking the Addiction Center of Your Brain

It's not due to a lack willpower or self control that causes you to struggle with drinking. Your brain is just wired differently than those individuals who can stop whenever they choose. Using Naltrexone, a medication with virtually no side effects, you are able to strategically pinpoint the part of your brain's reward system. Your "broken" pleasure center is preventing you from being in control of the amount you drink. Using Naltrexone in this manner is called The Sinclair MethodThe Sinclair Method has been patented and unavailable in the United States until very recently. The Moderation Institute is the pioneer in revolutionizing the way alcohol addiction is treated in the United States. 

“I was always so frustrated and confused by my ability to have self-control and willpower in so many areas of my life except for drinking. The Moderation Institute helped me realize that my brain was just operating in a way that made it impossible for me to gain control without medication.”
— Robert D.

 What Does Your Alcohol Treatment Program Look Like?

Your program is designed for you and only you and is the product of one-on-one sessions rather than group therapy. You are, therefore, afforded a unique, individualized program specific to your needs. While healing your brain is a critical part of the alcohol treatment program, you will also address other underlying factors that may be contributing to your unhealthy drinking. Whether you choose moderation or quitting alcohol altogether, The Moderation Institute affords you:


  • The Ability to Define Your Own Success - You choose to either to quit drinking completely or moderate your drinking

  • Results - 80% success rates vs 10% in traditional treatment (equal success between quitting and moderating)

  • Individualized Treatment - one-on-one sessions ensure a customized experience designed to fit your unique needs

  • Convenience - An alcohol treatment program requiring only two to three sessions per month for four months

  • Safety - Our program is designed and supervised by a physician with years of experience utilizing The Sinclair Method

  • Evidence-Based Program - 20 years of clinical data and research that supports the efficacy of The Sinclair Method

  • Helpful Clinicians- masters-level therapists to help you manage negative thoughts and other factors leading you to drink

  • Affordability - for just $32 per day you can take control of your drinking and your life

  • Privacy - with no need to take off work or participate in group therapy, your confidentiality is protected

This is the Future

 Alcohol Treatment 2.0

Experience The Next Generation



The Science Behind The Sinclair Method and Why It Is So Successful

As a result of your genetic predisposition and learned behavior, you may receive overwhelming positive reinforcement from the chemicals in your brain each time you drink. This reinforcement results in an inability to drink moderately. It also results in damage to your life, your family, your job and your personal reputation. You can't control the way you are "wired" but you can do something about it. You can take control of your drinking and your life.

At The Moderation Institute, we incorporate The Sinclair Method into our three-stage treatment. The Sinclair Method utilizes medication to reduce the positive reinforcement that is generated by your brain when you drink. In tandem with the medication we administer, strategic one-on-one targeted therapy focuses on the most crucial underlying issue and strongest triggers. We then implement practical tools to regulate negative thoughts that trigger your desire to drink. Last, we help you program new behaviors into your life which replace problematic behaviors. The end result of the program is the ability to live life in a happier, healthier way without the reliance or need for alcohol.

 Moderation Method-3-Stage Alcohol Treatment Program


Over time, and with enough repetition, the potent positive reinforcement your brain generates when you drink results in your difficulty or complete inability to moderate the amount you drink. The Sinclair Method, incorporated into your treatment, utilizes the medication Naltrexone. Taken prior to drinking, it reduces that positive enforcement. For over twenty years, the incredibly effective use of Naltrexone via The Sinclair Method improved the lives of many people. Learn more...



Through the use of strategic one-on-one cognitive behavioral therapy and ACT therapy, you will able to address your core issues and triggers. A trigger is a primary thought, feeling, or combination of both directly linked to your increased desire to rely on unhealthy habits. Some examples of triggers include the following:

-low self-esteem


-social anxiety

-lack of healthy coping tools



-past trauma

-relationship issues

The targeted trigger elimination works by identifying, eliminating, and ultimately changing the behaviors involved in driving your unwanted drinking patterns. Equally as important, is the targeted therapy that re-programs your maladaptive thought patterns that also are driving your drinking. Together, through improving your behavior and your thoughts, you will re-gain control over alcohol. Learn more...


The creation of healthy new behaviors will help replace the undesirable habits that get in the way of being your best self. These may include a healthy diet, exercise, recreation and more.

As you move through the program, you will find yourself not drinking every day (if you aren’t already). On days when you are not taking Naltrexone (non-drinking days) your brain will respond more favorably to healthy behaviors. This is accomplished through a process involving selective reinforcement. 

The powerful combination of medication, therapy and new healthy behaviors that we deliver results in an 80% success rate for the program.
— Dr. Michael Yasinski, M.D., Founder, The Moderation Institute


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