Moderation vs. Abstinence: Define Your Own Success

Moderation or Abstinence is Now a Reality

If you have ever told a doctor you needed help with alcohol, but did not want to quit forever, or even quit completely, he or she would essentially tell you, you are crazy. Over the past two years in my practice, I have helped people achieve both moderation and abstinence, depending on their goals. Alcohol Treatment 2.0 was created by The Moderation Institute to offer equal success to people who prefer to moderate, rather than quit completely. 

It is through the power of The Sinclair Method that this is possible. By re-programming your brain to lose interest in alcohol, one can control his or her drinking, which was not possible previously.

Incidentally, without even thinking about it, many people who start out wanting to moderate their drinking, end up quitting completely. With The Moderation Method, the very core addiction portion of the brain is re-programmed. 

Alcohol Treatment 2.0 finally addresses the fundamental problem with traditional treatment. In traditional treatment, there is absolutely nothing that modulates the nucleus accumbens, which is the addiction center of the brain.  Without targeting and modifying the way in which it works, the addiction center will virtually always overcome one's willpower. 

This part of the brain is in the same area and is related to the most primitive part of the brain involved with basic life functioning which is the need for food, water and sex. This part of the brain has the greatest influence on our behavior and left unchanged, treatment fails.

In more practical terms, the problem is called the “deprivation effect.” When we try force ourselves to go without something highly desirable, our primal brain is in a state of deprivation. This state of deprivation re-routes all of our neural resources to try to achieve getting what our brains perceive we need. This creates a hyper-focused state on wanting something and it absolutely will overpower even the strongest willpower. We call this, a craving. Cravings lead to relapse, and ultimately failure of treatment.

Alcohol Treatment 2.0 utilizes The Sinclair Method to target this area, and control this area of the brain. Along with the other core elements of The Moderation Method, all aspects driving addiction are eliminated. 

The control this offers people the means to choose to drink a moderate amount of alcohol and be in total control. They can also choose to give it up.  Defining your own success is the new mantra in the next generation of treatment.


- Dr. Michael Yasinski