Side Effects of Naltrexone


Most people are concerned about the potential side effects of starting a medication to assist with their alcohol abuse.

Naltrexone is the medication used in The Moderation Method and it happens to be extremely well tolerated. The reason many medications have side effects is due to the fact it reacts with a multitude of receptors in the brain.

Usually these reactions are not desired, but an unfortunate result of having the desired actions of the medicines. We call these “dirty drugs.”

In the case of Naltrexone, it is designed to do one thing and one thing only: it blocks our endogenous opioids — more commonly known as endorphins — from binding to the pleasure center of our brain.

Given that it is so specific, it does not have the side effects that many other medicines do. The one thing it can cause initially is a mild degree of nausea. This invariably goes away with time and is virtually always very minor. In the case where it is uncomfortable, I simply start at a lower dose of the Naltrexone and slowly work our way up to the targeted dose.

Even in cases where it was uncomfortable, by utilizing this low-dose strategy, people tolerated the medication without problem and could move forward successfully to complete The Moderation Method.


- Dr. Michael Yasinski