Alcohol Rehab: When is it time to get help for your Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol Rehab: When do I need it?

Alcohol rehab can be scary, foreign and undesirable when you are considering options to get help with your drinking. Lets explore when it is time to get help with your alcohol use.

Even in the realm of psychiatry, it is not always clear whether alcohol rehab is appropriate for a given patient. Diagnosing alcohol addiction has evolved and in our field we have very specific criteria which defines an alcohol use disorder, which is the term now used to describe an alcohol addiction. The newest version of our criteria has done a much better job at separating out three levels of problem drinking, which captures the reality that there are differing degrees of problems.

For the layperson, however, they often do not know when it is time to seek some help and the first thing that comes to mind for most people is "I need alcohol rehab." I approach this problem in the following way: if someone can think of anything in their life that is negatively impacted by drinking, than it is worth considering that drinking may be a problem that needs to be addressed. But this means they needs to be truly honest with themselves. But if someone is true to themselves and does not like something about alcohol in regards to how it is impacting their life, then it is worth evaluating.

At this point alcohol rehab is potentially appropriate. The Moderation Institute seeks to offer new ways to provide treatment for people without traditional alcohol rehab. We understand that people need more desirable options otherwise they don't get help. Read more on our Moderation Method to see how a slow and gradual process may be an option for you.


- Dr. Michael Yasinski