Frequently Asked Questions


How much does the program cost?

We know the overwhelming costs of traditional treatment, so when the program was designed, we wanted to make sure it was within reach for more people struggling. You can experience the life-changing benefits of The Moderation Institute for just $3,900*. If you are an active/former military, first responder, or teacher, please ask about our discounts. 

*There are currently no financing options available due to the high-demand for this unique program.

How much is the medication?

Oral Naltrexone is widely covered under most insurance plans. It is also available in a generic form and can cost less than $1 per pill if you don’t want to utilize insurance.

Why haven’t I heard about this?

While the use of daily Naltrexone to treat alcohol addiction has been popular in the U.S., the use of Naltrexone via The Sinclair Method has not. The Sinclair Method has been utilized in other countries with great success for years. The U.S. has been generally resistant to any method of alcohol treatment that does not focus on sobriety as the only option. The vast majority of doctors, therapists, and treatment approaches center around abstinence-only outcomes, which resulted in less interest in exploring what Sinclair had developed.

The Sinclair Method can be effectively used to create a more healthy, moderate pattern of drinking or help achieve sobriety. When The Sinclair Method is incorporated as part of The Moderation Method, the overall solution becomes a very effective tool.

The majority of programs focus on the powerlessness of people over their addiction. Quite frankly, powerlessness is not consistent with how your psyche remains in a positive state to battle any type of problem. The Moderation Method instead empowers you to fully control your behaviors, cravings and impulses. The simplest way to understand the difference between the traditional approach and The Moderation Method is as follows: what you resists, persists. The more you try not to drink, the more you obsess about and desire drinking. This is the traditional methodology and it helps explains why relapse is so high with traditional approaches. With The Moderation Method, your brain is trained to no longer desire the unhealthy drinking pattern rather than trying to rely on willpower to make the change.

Is The Moderation Institute right for me?

Do you have difficulty controlling your drinking or have unhealthy drinking problems? Have you tried to cut back on your own or with other treatment options but struggled to be successful?

If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, this program could be right for you.

Call for a free in-person or over-the-phone consultation to find out if you qualify and if space is available. If you aren’t appropriate for our program, we will help you find one that supports your needs!

Are there any side effects?

The side effects are minimal. The most common complaint is mild nausea during the first few times the pill is taken, and subsides after a few doses. Although virtually every drug has some side effects, Naltrexone has very few due, to the fact it binds to a limited number of very specific receptors in the brain.

Also, like most other drugs, Naltrexone is processed through the liver. Since you are going to be drinking alcohol moderately, we monitor routine liver enzymes during your treatment to ensure your health and safety.

I tried Naltrexone before. What’s different about The Moderation Method?

In The Moderation Method, we utilize a potent strategy that synergistically combines the Sinclair approach of pharmacological extinction, enhancement of new pleasurable behaviors, and correction of psychological drives related to cravings. This potent trifecta acts synergistically to provide you with the first legitimate way to achieve drinking moderately.

Naltrexone is the medication used to achieve pharmacological extinction. Naltrexone has a very limited direct effect on cravings when taking it in the traditional approach (daily dosing without any pairing it with alcohol.) Naltrexone only becomes a potent tool at eliminating cravings when paired with alcohol in order to pharmacologically extinguish the cravings.

Unfortunately, Naltrexone has been used to target “cravings” by addiction doctors for a number of years with very limited results. Traditionally, Naltrexone is used only once someone is sober, and then prescribed daily, with the goal of eliminating or helping with cravings. The data shows limited effectiveness, however, due to the very limited number of treatment options. Still, it remained utilized among some doctors.

What about the programs offering Naltrexone pellets or Naltrexone injection (Vivitrol)? Aren’t those the same as The Moderation Method?

No! Whether injecting Naltrexone (Vivitrol), implanting Naltrexone pellets or taking Naltrexone daily without incorporating it into a pharmacological extinction mechanism, Naltrexone will continue to do very little to directly inhibit cravings. In fact, having Naltrexone in the blood stream 24/7 via either Vivitrol or pellets will make it impossible to selectively eliminate alcohol cravings via pharmacological extinction. Having Naltrexone in the body 24/7 also makes it impossible to selectively condition the desired pleasurable behaviors that will be crucial in replacing some of the unhealthy drinking patterns.

While having an injection or receiving a long-acting pellet implant sounds convenient, it is actually the very opposite of what makes The Moderation Method so effective.

Can I receive additional sessions with the therapist?

Absolutely. Here at The Moderation Institute, you will identify areas of your life where more intensive therapy may be beneficial. The program will be customized to meet your unique needs. If you have a referring therapist you with whom you are working, you are encouraged to continue seeing them in conjunction with our program.

Can I use my insurance?

Your insurance will not be billed directly, but you can have a receipt for treatment to submit as an out-of-network benefit. It is important to make treatment affordable for people. This is why the program is priced to be much more affordable than the vast majority of treatment options available.

What if alcohol isn’t my main challenge or an issue for me?

If you are seeking help with marijuana use, overeating, pornography, gambling, or video games, The Moderation Institute is offering programming utilizing a similar approach to treating alcohol related issues.

In contrast to alcohol, these challenges do not yet have the extensive data to support their effectiveness. However, our success in working with patients are producing similar success rates to our alcohol program.

Often, The Moderation Institute can work in conjunction with other providers to maximize your results or provide you with other recommendations.