Why Choose The Moderation Institute?

Here are the reasons why our program is the most effective method of how to quit drinking or moderate drinking

Proven Effective

How do you quit drinking or moderate your drinking with a success rate more than five times greater than any other traditional treatment? The Moderation Institute uses a combination of proven evidence-based components that work synergistically to achieve a 75-80% success rate. The foundation of The Moderation Method is the utilization of The Sinclair Method. The Sinclair Method is a clever neuro-biological-based use of a medication to re-train the brain to not desire alcohol. The Sinclair Method of has long been used in Europe but has never before been available in the U.S. The Moderation Institute is extremely excited to bring the most successful method of alcohol treatment to the U.S. for the first time. 

The Sinclair Method is the foundation of our treatment program which is comprised of ten strategic sessions over 90-120 days. The other main component of The Moderation Method is the utilization of strategic therapy. We combine elements of the two most practical and effective therapy modalities available:  cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Together, we establish a clear understanding of the origin of the drinking and an understanding of all the factors contributing to the drinking (triggers). With this understanding, the majority of the time is spent training you on practical methods to make necessary changes to thoughts and/or behaviors that are driving the drinking. You leave the program with very practical tools to maintain success for the long-term.  

The synergy of The Sinclair Method and the targeted therapy makes The Moderation Method the most successful method of alcohol treatment available.


We all live busy “always-on” lives. Our method requires a limited time commitment ensuring no disruption to your home or work life. Dr. Yasinski has fine-tuned the treatment method over the past three years to ensure the crucial elements of treatment are provided without the need for many of the non-crucial elements of traditional treatment. The ten sessions in 90-120 days offers not only the most effective, but also, the most efficient method of quitting alcohol or moderating your drinking available anywhere in the world.

Individualized Care

Treating every client as a unique individual is paramount. Our use of one-on-one sessions, rather than a group format, guarantees a highly personalized experience. Over the past three years, Dr. Yasinski has witnessed the potent combination of high-quality treatment components applied to clients in a individualized way. No two clients will experience the same treatment experience with The Moderation Institute. There are no one-size-fits-all elements whatsoever to the program. A huge individualized component of the program is whether one is trying to quit drinking alcohol, or whether he or she wants to moderate drinking. Moderation or abstinence both have equally impressive success rates which means you ultimately define your own success. Clients not only will enjoy the most customized treatment available, but they will experience the most successful results, as well.


Traditional alcohol treatment dictates that one must quit drinking alcohol, and typically, it is through a rapid detox over the course of a few days. This can be uncomfortable, and staying off of alcohol completely is not realistic for many people. The Moderation Method works by gradually reducing the amount you drink over time. This method eliminates the discomfort of cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and the need to detox. 

The program is also completely outpatient, with no inpatient component. The comfort of staying your own home and living your life will continue, rather than abruptly change in every aspect. While some people do benefit from inpatient treatment, the vast majority can be treated with our outpatient approach. 

Not Just for Alcohol

Our program can be effective for many other types of addictions, including: gambling, sex, porn, smoking, and binge eating.

Medical Supervision & Support

Our team includes Dr. Michael Yasinski, M.D., and Master's Level therapists. When you are enrolled in the program, you have direct access to both the doctor, and the therapists, in between sessions, in case any issues, questions or problems arise. There is no other alcohol treatment program that offers you direct access to your treatment team between sessions. This speaks to our commitment to provide the most individualized and successful treatment available.

Moderate Alcohol or Quit Drinking--You Choose

Quit drinking or moderate your drinking? You define your own success with our program. Equal success rates are enjoyed, whether you moderate or quit alcohol. We offer a truly realistic option to the vast majority of people who do not wish to remain completely sober forever. We also utilize a combination of achieving initial sobriety for a period of time, and then integrating a healthier, moderate approach to drinking back into your life. The ultimate goal of treatment is for you to regain control over your drinking or any component of your life that's being affected by your drinking.

Not AA or 12-Step-Based

The Moderation Institute is not a 12-step program, nor is it affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous. We certainly will support anyone who finds benefits with AA or 12-step programs, or any other support group structure they find helpful. Part of our flexibility and individual treatment is the ability to integrate almost anything potentially helpful into the treatment plan.

100% Private and Confidential

Like any reputable treatment program, the treatment you receive through The Moderation Institute is always 100% confidential.

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